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Gas Transfer Technology

Dissolved gas control in liquids is critical to many industrial processes in order to reduce corrosion, improve process efficiency and decrease yield loss. Membrane contractors utilize microporous membrane hollow fiber to offer a reliable, modular solution for deaeration and adding gases to liquids.
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Modules for Filtration

Ultrafiltration for water treatment and microfiltration for beverage clarification are major application fields of our filtration modules. Ultrafiltration modules are commonly used in RO pre-treatment, water re-use, drinking water and other applications. Microfiltration modules are commonly used for the separation of suspended solids from wine or juice to improve clarity without impacting flavor components. 
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Membranes for filtration

Ultrapure water is required for the production of semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages and other industries. Membranes for filtration are used extensively in these markets for the purification of water and other fluids. 
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Additive Carrier Systems

Porous polymer carriers and high concentrates offer an effective and convenient way to use liquid and low melting additives, such as antistatic, antifog or any other performance or process additives in plastic processing.
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