3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division has a long and eventful history. Today we evolved as a company dedicated to research, development and production of high quality membranes for medical and technical uses.

3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division, formerly Membrana, has its roots in a textile company developing and producing textile fibres. From those roots it advanced the membrane technology and reached its current position as one of the leading independent membrane manufacturers and leading partner for membrane technology worldwide.


Company is founded by Johann Peter Bemberg as a yarn dyeing company in Elberfeld, Germany – Company name: Johann Peter Bemberg Dyes.


New company buildings in Wuppertal, Germany, in which the company is still headquartered today.


Enterprise changes to JBemberg AG, a public limited Company.


Bemberg silk becomes a synonym for artificial silk worldwide.


Majority of shares are acquired by Vereinigte Glanzstoff Factories.

Start of the production of cellulose film.


CUPROPHAN® flat sheets are established as wrapping foil.


The first CUPROPHAN® flat sheet membranes specially for haemodialysis are developed.

CUPROPHAN® flat sheet membranes are still used for various diagnostic purposes today.


CUPROPHAN® is used in the world’s first industrially manufactured artificial kidney.


Start of the development and manufacturing of the first capillary membranes for haemodialysis.

Further developments include the semisynthetic membranes HEMOPHAN® and SMC® and the fully synthetic types DIAPES®, SYNPHAN® and PUREMA®.


Bemberg AG merges with Glanzstoff AG to become Enka Glanzstoff AG.


Start of the production of fully synthetic technical membrane ACCUREL®.

The still growing ACCUREL® family covers the full portfolio of hydrophobic technical flat sheet and capillary membranes today.


Introduction of OXYPHAN® capillary oxygenation membranes.

Due to continous refinements and the invention of the cross wound mat make-up, OXYPHAN® is still successful today.


Enka is acquired by Akzo, and Membrana emerges as a business unit of the Akzo Faser AG,
BU Membrana.


ACCUREL® is now produced as pellets and powders.

In the intervening period, ACCUREL® Systems has further consolidated its pioneering role in the field of polymer carrier systems.


MicroPES® flat sheet membranes are launched for healthcare and industrial applications.
The MicroPES® flat sheet family is steadily growing.


Company is renamed as
Membrana GmbH

The portfolio of medical and technical membranes is completed with OXYPLUS®, UltraPES and MicroPES® capillary membranes.
Steady expansion of this portfolio has led to a complete own familiy of hydrophilic technical flat sheet and capillary membranes today.


Membrana GmbH is acquired by Polypore, Inc. and becomes
a Polypore Company

CELGARD® capillaries and Liqui-Cel® are added to the company product portfolio.


Introduction of the next generation of haemodialysis membrane PUREMA®.

Start of in-house development and manufacturing of filtration modules for industrial applications.


Introduction of Liqui-Flux® ultrafiltration modules for water filtration.


Introduction of new medical device Immuloc® as granulocyte adsorbers.


Introduction of new medical device PlasmaXpress® as plasma separation system.


Membrana GmbH is acquired by 3M and becomes part of 3M Industrial Business Group under the name of 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division.