PUREMA™ is engineered to fulfill the complex requirements of today’s end-stage renal disease treatment.

PUREMA features S.E.T. Sieving Enhancing Technology and P.E.T.™ Performance Enhancing Technology. The membrane has a unique separation profile with a sharpened cut-off for the targeted elimination of middle molecules and combines enhanced clearance of small molecular weight uraemic toxins with outstanding, stable clearance performance.


PUREMA H eliminates middle molecular weight toxins without loss of useful proteins. There is growing evidence that this reduces the risk of dialysis associated adverse effects like amyloidosis, improves nutritional status, and decreases the severity of lipid abnormalities.


In clincial studies PUREMA H has shown excellent middlle molecular clearance while retaining essential proteins. Middle molecular removal with PUREMA H in haemodialysis mode was on a level that before could only be reached with haemodiafiltration mode.

In addition, PUREMA H provides the most stable clearance values throughout the entire treatment.

PUREMA LX (low-flux) completes the range.

All PUREMA membranes are produced in a SIPS process from Polyethersulfone (PES) with Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) added for ideal balance between wettability and biocompatibility.