3M™ PlasCure Plasmafilter

The core components of numerous plasma therapies, 3M™ PlasCure™ Plasmafilter provide a wide range of treatment options for various diseases. Their asymetric pore structure offers a perfect balance between optimized cell separation and high plasma fluxes with minimized flux barriers - all combined with easy handling.

3M™ PlasCure™ Plasmafilter contain the well-known 3M™ MicroPes TF 10 Capilliary Membrane, which is hydrophilic in nature and specifically engineered for optimal plasma separation.  3M™ MicroPes TF 10 Capilliary Membrane is well established in therapeutic plasmaapheresis applications, and has been used in hundreds of thousands of treatments over the last decade.
3M™ PlasCure® Plasmafilter

• Excellent biocompatibility
• Optimized separation of plasma and blood cells
• ETO free
• The ideal plasmafilter for all plasma therapie