Products for New Therapies

3M is a leading supplier of extracorporeal therapeutic plasmapheresis membranes. We develop, manufacture and market membranes and membrane-based devices for the growing plasmapheresis market.

PLASMAPHAN™ and MicroPES™ membranes are commonly used in filters for apheresis procedures. The structures of these microporous hollow fibre membranes are designed to separate whole blood into its components.

Since 2013 we have manufactured customized devices for innovative therapies. For more details and price quotations please contact us directly.

New Membrane Based Therapeutic Approaches

3M is interested in all membrane based new medical applications and treatment options. As a world leading expert in membrane technology we are currently developing new technologies for wound-healing via a governmental co-funded program (BMBF - Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung).