Membranes for Filtration

Filtration membranes are used extensively around the world in many industries and processes to remove particles on a molecular level.

  • Process and drinking water
  • Pharmaceuticals & medical products
  • Biotechnology
  • Food & beverage
  • Microelectronics

Shrinking fresh water supplies and population growth continue to drive the need for sustainable solutions in water use. This drives industries to continue to look for ways to purify and re-use waste water and seek new, cost-effective methods of providing drinking water. Membranes have become an integral part of waste water treatment or drinking water systems for efficient separation.

Membranes meet the highest technical and hygienic standards. Therefore, 3M´s flat sheet and capillary membrane are used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and many food and beverage applications. Membranes ensure the sterility of liquids used in making pharmaceuticals. In the food and beverage industry membrane is used for separation processes to ensure purificaction and product stability.

Manufacturing plants worldwide rely on the continual supply of purified water and liquids in their processes. The water used to manufacture many advanced microelectronics, such as semiconductor chips, are purified and filtered with our membranes.

Membrane Separation

Membranes act as semi-permeable barriers, which separate two media. Out of a mixture of multiple substances, target components are allowed to pass through this barrier while others are retained by the membrane, resulting in efficient, economical separation. The separation mechanism is based on either size exclusion or solution/dissolution effects.