MicroPES Membrane

The highly asymmetric pore structure of our MicroPES™ flat sheet membrane offers a high dirt loading capacity, increasing the filtration performance to give higher throughputs and higher flow rates than symmetrical membranes.

We manufacture MicroPES in a flat sheet and capillary configuration.


MicroPES® Flat Sheet Membrane

Our MicroPES flat sheet membrane is made from a partially sulfonated polyethersulfone polymer. Using our unique manufacturing process, we build multifunctional properties or layers into the pore structure of the membrane. It is important to point out that these layers are created with one manufacturing step. MicroPES flat sheet membrane is available in a wide range of pore sizes from 0.04 to 1.2 µm to meet the requirements of many different specific applications.


MicroPES® Capillary Membrane

The MicroPES capillary membranes are like their flat sheet counterparts - hydrophilic in nature. Their asymmetric pore structure offers a perfect balance between highly selective filtration characteristics and high fluxes with minimized flux barriers.