Biology & Clinical Tests

3M, as a manufacturer of membranes used in medical applications, conducts tests regarding the biomedical aspects of the products. This covers hygienic and microbiological tests, as well as performance tests of medical membranes and devices.

These performance tests are used for internal purposes, but can also serve as an additional support for our customers. Moreover, we support membrane development activities from the initial phases of polymer screening to the clinical evaluation and market introduction of the product.


These are some of our biomedical tests:

  • Regular analyses for monitoring and securing the hygienic standard:
    • Colony Monitoring of air, equipments, process media, membranes
    • Endotoxin Determination (raw materials, process fluids, membranes)
  • Specific Analysis for dialysis membrane
    • Dialysis performance
    • Water Ultrafiltration Rate
    • Sieving Coefficient of selected proteins
  • Haemocompatibility testing (in vitro / vivo)
  • Clinical performance