A wide range of tests are performed in relation to membrane quality. These tests focus upon characteristics such as membrane structure, performance and mechanical properties.

Our tests cover the entire product range from capillary to flat sheet and from medical to industrial membranes.


Some of the physical test methods are:

  • Membrane Performance Analysis
    • Bubble Point Test
    • Diffusion Flux
    • Pore Morphology Analysis by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) as well as the SEM-EDAX analysis of chemical composition
    • Pore Size Distribution by Porometry
    • Sieving Coefficient (cut-off) and Clearance
    • Transmembrane Flux
    • Ultrafiltration Rate
    • Rejection Test
    • Mechanical Properties Tests
    • Interface Properties Analysis
    • Captive Bubble
    • Contact Angle