Double-Layer Cross-Wound Mat

The unique double layer cross-wound mat guarantees optimum arrangement of the capillaries. Thus ideal flow conditions around the capillaries are achieved, which is a prerequisite for top performance.

This mat can quickly, economically and easily be turned into a module by rolling it on a core and fitting it into the housing. The technically demanding processing step of winding individual capillaries to a bundle can thus be avoided.


For the production of the cross-wound mat, capillaries are knitted to a mat of membranes with polyester warp threads. The width of the mat depends on the individual demands of the customer. Two mats are then angled and wound on a bobbin, such that the capillaries of two adjacent layers lie X-shaped on top of each other.

Characteristics of the cross-wound mat

  • Uniform distribution of capillaries
  • Capillaries fixed by warp threads (no movement)
  • Adaptable for various oxygenator designs (axial-, tangential-, cross-flow etc.)
  • Blood-film thickness (pressure drop) can be adjusted easily
  • Closed capillary ends for safe and easy potting