P.E.T. ensures optimum distribution of the flow around capillaries to guarantee ideal transport and removal.

Standard capillary bundles often suffer uneven flow distribution around the capillaries: Some groups of capillaries form strains and as a consequence there are areas of stagnant flow within and shunt-flows around the strains. This results in loss of active outer capillary surface and thus loss of performance. For a dialyser, poor bundle architecture will result in poor dialysate distribution and thus loss of clearance of toxins.

Therefore 3M developed Performance Enhancing Technology – P.E.T. After the undulation of capillary membranes Poly-Ethylene-Terephthalate-spacer yarns consisting of multifilament threads are integrated into the fibre bundle.


The type of multifilament spacer yarn, the ratio of spacer yarns and capillaries as well as the kind of entangling the yarns into the bundle are optimised to achieve the best possible performance.

P.E.T is used for both medical and industrial capillary bundles.

Characteristics of P.E.T.™

  • Improves dialysate distribution throughout the dialyzer
  • Increases clearance values
  • Maintains consistent performance
    • throughout the entire treatment
    • from dialyser to dialyser